Thursday, December 23, 2004

My two cents' worth of the FPJ hullabaloo

It's been quite a while since i actually blogged anything new (this blog has become a photo blog for some reason...tee-hee) I'm in the province taking some VL from the big bad world of work --- but even here i am buggered by messages from printers and workers asking about office related things --- when will this end!?! *sigh* Anyhoo, the whole FJ affair has been dragging on since he lost the elections and now has escalated to a major newspiece in all countries because of his death. For those who are reading this, these are my views --- and mine alone. So there.

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The FPJ burial was the day i left for the province. It was actually disconcerting, since there has been a lot of speculation on what this may result to. I'm really glad i got myself a 5am flight back home--otherwise i would have been stuck in traffic (starting 4am, no less!)

The turnout was well, more interesting than i expected. Arriving home, i checked the news, only to find out that the FPJ became a vehicle for political propaganda for FPJ's supporters and comrades. Sheesh. Weren't these the same people who clamored that his death shouldn't be used for political reasons, that this should be a solemn/non-political event!?!!

I can't blame supporters of people who truly believe in his cause. After all, they have every right to it. My concern is why the HELL did they have to utilize his death for such means? It's infuriating to think that it is people who do not know how to go about it are the people who scream about it the loudest. There they were, Mr. Mulach and Mr. Gomez, even the ousted Estrada, screaming insistently about the fraud in the elections and claiming that the Da King was indeed the true president. *doh!* as Homer would say. So much for any shred of respect i still had for these people. Estrada had the gall to claim that the presidency was robbed from him. (Newsflash Mr. Estrada: We took you out of it because you sucked as a president and you are a complete failure as a leader)

I can't share the sentiment of most people about FPJ --- for me, he will always be the actor whose work i admired (hey, i watched Panday when i was a kid, and i actually saw his film with Sharon, not to mention a couple of his ala Clintwood movies) growing up and SMB's most popular and enduring endorser. Politically, i am skeptical on his claim that he can run the country.

I sometimes wonder if the reaction towards his death be this extreme had he not run for presidency. I truly doubt it. The entire film industry will be there of course, lotsa flowers, from supporters and fans everywhere, just like they did with past great actors and actresses. But the whole hysteria of this event leave me with a weird taste in my mouth. Is he really worth all this? Perhaps yes, if we consider his work and legacy in film --- but to claim that he is the "chosen" one for president? I don't think so. I am disappointed that people can be easily swayed by their emotions.

Thank God for Dolphy though. His humor and speech was the icebreaker of tension (which fizzled so quickly after somebody else took the mike and started spurting out whatever the hell wanted to say) and political drama which permeated throughout the entire event.

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You know what's more infuriating? The fact that the clamor for change has to be taken through these means. Have we become such pathetic examples of democracy that every change in the country has to be met up by force or drama? People think of progress by means of drastically upheaving the goverment, instead of working with it. I am all for change, believe me, but destabilizing national security doesn't do anything to achieve this.

I sense a bizaare pattern in us. We are never contented with what we have. Every new president is always met up with criticism, true. After all, we need to check and balance the things that are happening. But nowadays we just do that, most f the time without just cause, and blame it on whoever's up there. I'm sure that if FPJ or whoever is in power, when things start happening, like oil price increase, etc., we'd be blaming the president for it, though he/she may be just taking in for the past mistakes of those who preceded him/her. GMA is not exactly my ideal president, but given the new lease she's been given, i am highly expectant of what she will do with this opportunity. Do us some good, Gloria. Please.

Yes, we're stuck with GMA, as one blogger may have said. Nothing much we can do now. And, it's ironic that we as a people once considered her to be the best best in the elections. Whatever happened to just sticking with it and doing our best to work on change with it? I am tired of all the fighting. I am tired of all the bickering, the petty remarks, barely concealed in the pretext of "syempre, dapat igalang namin natin ang administrasyon, pero... mali sila!". Crap.

And we wonder why the hell we're in this state.

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